Get to know the HICKIES Co-Founder and Super Woman, Mariquel

Hi Mariquel! First off, you are an entrepreneur, a businesswoman, a mother, and you still find time to live an active lifestyle.What is your secret to multitasking?

The secret was to be able to successfully mix business with pleasure! HICKIES mixes all the things I love in one place. My husband is my co-founder, so I work, with my family, and because our product is made for people with an active lifestyle, I stay up to date with that world, which I’m passionate about. Our HQ is by my house, so I can have my son come over to the office whenever I feel like squeezing his cheeks. The secret ingredient for this to work is discipline.

What is your favourite way to unwind after a long day?

To unwind I love to do yoga or listen to music. In any case, being able to quickly slip off my sneakers is the key factor to start unwinding 😉


Who are some women who inspire you?

The number goes up every day. I’m excited about the current world movement celebrating women. I recently read an article on New Zealand’s prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, and I just burst into tears. I felt proud of her achievements but mostly grateful for the hope she gives women to rise up. I’m also fortunate to be surrounded by inspiring girlfriends and co-workers I admire, who give me lessons on women’s superpowers every day.

Do you have any advice for aspiring lady leaders?

Make all feminine you naturally have an advantage in your leadership. There is a strength in vulnerability, sensitivity, emotional intelligence, and empathy.  We have a wide range of resources that have been wrongly perceived as disadvantages in the context of a man’s world, but they are truly our hidden superpowers. When you feel like a victim of unfair circumstances, change your point of view, be smart, not upset connect with your feminine side and find tools you own to make the context bend to your need.

What makes you feel “good” fit?

My morning exercise routine. I either go to Modo Yoga or train with Ross Anti, my amazing personal trainer. That hour every morning makes me feel “I’m going to rock this day” fit.

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