HICKIES – The Evolution of Shoelaces.

Running shoes have evolved in every way except for shoelaces – they’ve been around since 3500 BC. Today shoes are made using the most advanced materials and latest innovations: we walk on chambers of air, wear custom memory foam insoles, and have threaded adaptive uppers. SO WHY DO WE KEEP LACING UP OUR SHOES WITH STRINGS?

Sneakers improve constantly, but the laces, they just stay the same. That is, until now.

HICKIES- The evolution of shoelaces

There’s a new way to lace the shoes you love—the HICKIES® lacing system. Simply put, HICKIES® is a smart and easy to use lacing system that connects each pair of eyelets independently and makes your shoes look fit and perform better. With the HICKIES® lacing system you can turn your shoe into a slip-on that securely adapts to your foot’s movements, and renders knots and bows to be a sloppy look of the past.

The HICKIES® lacing system connects each pair of eyelets separately. This allows you to customize the fit with different tension in different parts of the shoe. Instead of a single lace running through the length of your shoe, each HICKIES® strap expands and contracts independently responding to each movement of your foot.HICKIES- The evolution of shoelaces

how it works

HICKIES- The evolution of shoelaces

HICKIES- The evolution of shoelaces

how do i customise my fit?

HICKIES® is the only lacing system that allows you to adjust your fit and have different levels of tension along your entire foot. This is because the HICKIES® Lacing System is modular, meaning instead of one lace running through the length of each shoe, you have one strap per pair of eyelets. This gives you maximum control when it comes to customizing tightness, comfort, and style. The HICKIES® lacing system fits any sneaker. Experiment to find your perfect fit.

HICKIES- The evolution of shoelaces

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Sources: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/hickies/hickies20

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