HICKIES Workout Series #2 – The Dreaded Stairs

Get fit this winter with our Dreaded Stairs Workout.





Start facing the bottom of the stairs. Run up quickly using each step. Pump your arms next to your sides, Walk down the stairs carefully. Repeat.


TARGETS: Glutes, legs and core

Start facing the bottom of the stairs. Step your right foot onto the next step and bend both your knees as you lower into a lunge, keeping your front knee tracking over your shoe. Push off with your right foot and use your arms to propel your left foot and use your arms and lower into another lunge. Continue alternating legs until you reach the top of the stairs. Walk or jog down as usual. Repeat.



Start at the bottom of the stairs with the right side of your body closest to the stairs. Leading with your right foot, run up the stairs sideways. ( Pretend your feet are chasing each other). Right foot goes first but as the left foot starts to approach the first step, the right foot should already be lifting to move up to the second step. When you get to the top, walk down the stairs normally. Repeat.


TARGETS: Chest, arms, shoulders, core.

Place hands on first or second step with legs extended behind you on the ground so you’re in plank position. (The higher the step your hands are on, the easier the push-ups will be). Make sure your hands are shoulder- width apart. Bend elbows and slightly lower your chest down to the step. Exhale as you push your chest back up to starting position, keeping your core tight throughout. Repeat.


TARGETS: Glutes,legs

Begin at the bottom of a staircase with feet hip-width apart and arms next to sides. Lower hips down to a squat position, tighten abs, then swing arms forward and jump up onto the next step, with both feet landing together. If the steps are to close together, skip one. Land in a squat position. Swing arms behind you, then swing arms forward and jump to the next step. Repeat to the top of the staircase. Walk down.


TARGETS: Arms, shoulders, core.

Sit on floor facing away from staircase with back against first step. Place hand behind you, shoulder-width apart, onto the first step. Lift hips up so arms are straight, keeping shoulders down and away from ears. Tighten abs. Bend elbows keeping them right next to the body and lower hips almost the the ground, then press back up, squeezing triceps and straightening arms. Repeat.

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