HICKIES and Smellwell Christmas Box


This amazing Christmas box include 2 Smellwell and 2 HICKIES packs. Get the perfect gift today!

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This amazing Christmas box include 2 Smellwell and 2 HICKIES packs. Get the perfect gift today!

More About HICKIES

Responsive Lacing System

HICKIES are made from a memory-fit elastomer that moves with your feet while providing the comfort and stability to keep you one step ahead. Whether you want to slimline your sneakers or add some more snap to your workout, HICKIES offer an unbeatable combination of fit, function, and fashion.

Adjust Your Fit

Let’s get the technical part out the way first: HICKIES lacing system is made from a memory-fit performance elastomer. This means the the material expands and contracts in sync with every movement your foot makes. Each strap works independently to deliver the best possible fit, what ever you’re doing. HICKIES lacing system is stretchable to fit all sizes, and we’ve developed 3 lacing techniques to suit you and you’re sneakers best.

The Low Down

HICKIES are great for a multitude of sports shoes such as short distance running, cross-fit, gym, golf, and tennis or to add a splash of colour & fun to any pair of casual sneakers. Currently available in 21 awesome colour ways so there’s a HICKIE that will love your shoes or sneakers best.

HICKIES. Love Your Kicks.

More About Smellwell


Work shoes and casual shoes:

Simply put one SmellWell in each shoe when you get home from work or school and let them work overnight. The very next morning, your shoes will be dry, fresh and emit a pleasant smell. When it is time to put on your shoes, just transfer your SmellWell to another pair of shoes. This way they are working on 2 pairs at the same time!

instructionsNOTE! In extreme cases, it may take a few days before you feel the full effect but SmellWell continues to work as long as you have them in your shoes. Sport footwear and sports equipment:

Let your SmellWell work at all times when you are not exercising. That way you always have a fresh pair of shoes to put on! Add an extra pair of SmellWell in your gym bag, shin guards, hockey pads or goalie gloves to keep them fresh too.

*SmellWell even works in your car, motorhome, camper, cabin, closet and clothes drawer. SmellWell – a natural filter

Do your SmellWell feel a little tired after prolonged use in grungy, stinky shoes? Just leave them out so that oxygen can rejuvenate them. If they have been in a really wet environment and you can feel that they bag contents have crystalized, simply squeeze the bags so that they regain their natural texture again as well as regaining their ability to absorb moisture and odor.


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